Issue No. 2 10/2012


A tiny home


  1. There and back again

    Ready or not, it’s time. After two years of living abroad we’re returning home to Texas.

  2. Life in Our Flat in Prague

    Our flat in Prague was built around 1900. We adore it. These are some of our favorite details.

  3. The Dorm: When my family moved into a college dormitory

    In the way of unusual living situations, my family’s got a good one.

  4. Home is where you make it

    When she moved overseas, Jessica brought reminders of home to feel settled in her new flat.

A note from the authors

We’ve been thinking about home a lot now that we’re about to move — our two year adventure in Prague is wrapping up, and we’re headed back to Austin, Texas.

In this issue, we explore the topic of home through various mediums: words, pictures, video, and sound. Dennis shares his thoughts on moving home, we capture the feeling of our beautiful Prague flat in a video tour, my family and I tell our experience of the strangest place we ever lived, and we see how one of my friends made her new apartment feel more like home when she moved abroad.

Hope you enjoy our final Prague installment of Hello Unknown.

~ Amy

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