The Dorm

When my family moved into a college dormitory


We visited you all when you were living in the dorm. I slept in one of the dorm rooms upstairs. It was pretty spooky to be in this long hall of rooms all by myself.

The cousins had a great time while there. My boys still mention it occasionally. They put on a show – think Andy Hardy and Judy Garland only more with a sports and gymnastics theme. All those mattresses came into good use. It was a great visit.

We also visited when you’d moved to the house. It was a lovely home, and I know Marcia was happy to be there. But the dorm was a one-of-a-kind place!

I wish I knew you then! cause you know I would’ve visited =) I loved hearing your dad tell the ghost story you had told to us!!

I loved the dorm! Some of my favorite memories of Dodge were there!

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