A Christmas Delivery in Prague

Music: Best Christmas Yet by Stellar Art Wars Free License, Creative Commons “BY” 3.0 license.


Ahhhh-Now I am missing you so much seeing this video-which is ironic because I was totally thinking of you today when Johnee was making her gingerbread house. She said ” Sure wish they had gingeropolis this year because I have def improved my skills” Merry Christmas my Prague friends, and a Happy New Year to y’all!

Ha… watch out! Sounds like next year things are going to get serious.

In other words, delivering Christmas goodies whilst tasting same on the way! :-) Beautifully done!

You got it, sister!;)

Amy  •   • 

Oh, it’s just like a beautiful scene straight out of a Christmas movie! Warms the cockles of my little suburban American heart.

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