Josef’s Terror: St. Nicholas Day in the Czech Republic

Christmas in the Czech Republic is a month-long affair. It culminates with the baby Jesus bringing gifts to children while they sleep eat dinner on the 24th.

But a few weeks before that, St. Nicholas and his two travelling companions make a visit to all the children in the country. The three are not just invisible, imaginary figures who come and go while you sleep. They show up after dinner to give you treats, and/or…. scare the crap out of you.

An animated explanation by Dennis, narrated by Amy’s friend, Josef.


Baby Jesus brings the gifts while everyone is eating carp in the other room. A bell rings to let you know he’s been there. After the meal is finished then the kiddos get the goodies=).

I agree with Josef; I kinda want to do something like this to my kids one day even if it’s terrifying… :o) Awesome animation, Dennis!

What is the deal with eating carp? Or is it crap? I’m just trying to get clear on this important tradition. I don’t think I want my kids to eat fish in their bedroom…just sayin’… Those Czechs are … well, scary.

Judy, I walked up to a carp stand today, deciding I needed to really get a good look. I walked up at the wrong moment. *Shudder*

Amy  •   • 

Okay. So now I need a photo. B/C you know Americans eat crap in their rooms. Is crap a bad word over there?

This is awesome, I love the animated explanation with Josef’s voice, its the best combination:).

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