Room for Two

Dennis and I keep trying to be minimalists. I don’t think we qualify yet, but we will soon.

Welcome to our apartment! Here’s where we’ll be living for the first three months we’re in Prague. Palatial, isn’t it? No, there aren’t any other rooms. You’re looking at the whole thing.

But it’s modern, which we love.

With a washer AND dryer, which is pure extravagance.

And just enough counter space for two laptops and one head of cabbage.

If we do start to feel claustrophobic bumping knees at our kitchen table, we can:

Fold the bed back into the wall.

Get some air.

Or make friends with this owl.

We’re also thinking we’ll take our Wii (what better way to bribe Czechs into being our friends?) and our balance board. The question remains whether there’s actually enough room to do a sideways leg lift. Wii Trainer, take it easy on us.

(Thanks to our friend, Angela, for scouting the joint and sending pics!)


A bed with seat belts, very European. I’m envious of you two, we’ll do this one summer when Asher is a little older and can appreciate it, wish we had done it a while ago. Have a blast. Can’t wait to see more.

First three months? You have plans for where to go next? Or that’s as long as you can lease?

Oh, and I love it – btw. :o)

What fun! Adventures are the best! Wish we could tag along…

You apt maybe small; but very functional! At least you don’t have to ring a dinner bell, LOL! :-)

You have a tumble dryer?! Cheaters! To be truly European, you have to hang your clothes out the window, or get a “clothes horse” that you spend 5 days out of 7 knocking over. I already have a recommendation for the first meal out. Head to the Needle House and order the garlic soup as a starter. Also, be wary of ordering meat with “fruit and cream sauce”. They imply a cream sauce and something like cranberry sauce on turkey, but it is actually squirty whipped dessert cream and a blob of jam. On meat.

I love it! No extra stuff- and we Americans love our stuff, don’t we? Have a great time!

Did you notice – the accent wall and drapery color is ORANGE!

I noticed on the second read-through that your apartment is ORANGE!!! Coincidence? I think not… :o)

I love it!!!!!!!! And where do GUESTS sleep???

Pam, I thought about that myself. I’m thinking on the galley floor, or if you need privacy – the closet floor!

momma  •   • 

LOVE the apartment! Wonder how you’ll feel about “stuff” when you get back?

Wow! What an adventure! When can I join you? Yeah, right. But would love too. As you know I live through my friends adventures, so I’ll be reading your blog daily.

Peace and Love

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