How to Pack Up Your House in 5 Days

All good things start with post-it notes.

I had this brilliant idea to put every to-do item leading up to our move on a post-it, then put all the post-its on a big chart-ish thing. That way, the list would be ever-present in our main living space, we could we re-assign the day or the person in charge, and we could experience the sweet victory of pulling one off and tossing it. All very motivating, huh? Trouble is, to-do lists do not a to-do make. We ended up in a mad rush trying to finish most of the post-its at the last minute.

Which can really wear a fella out.

But we did it! It took us five days and five trips to our storage unit to pack up our place.

We rather love our storage unit.

The elevator.

The big ‘ole lock.

The giant orange garage door.

All five trips were practically a party.

No, they really were! It was like Tetris in real life. I love Tetris.


I love Tetris, too! Nice packing work! I don’t know why, but this post and those after it didn’t show up for me until today.

Your post-it packing list reminds of us our packing list! We have a list for every time we travel (makes it easier especially when you have kids). LOL! We did ours on the computer, that way we only have to update it from time to time! HA…

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