Snake Attack!

A tale from the trail in Cinque Terre:

Dennis: Here’s what happened. We were hiking along the trail and Amy was attacked by a snake.

Amy: Here’s what happened. We were hiking along the trail, I heard something rustling, thought it was a big lizard (which I like), so I stuck my head in the bushes.

D: Yes, but it was a trick. Snakes are crafty. Probably heard us talking about lizards, because we were seeing a lot of them. He set his trap, then sprang. Attack!

A: Correct, it was not a big lizard. Had it been a lizard it would have run away from me. Instead, a snake’s head appeared and he came right for me! But he was just crossing the trail. He did not attack.

D: Um, yes. If it wasn’t an attack, why did you run away screaming? That snake lept from the bushes and tried to strike your face. You squealed and bolted.

A: I did not. Did I? I may have moved quickly in the other direction. Anyway, Mr. Calm & Collected, he slithered across the trail right in front of YOU, who didn’t run, and he didn’t attack you, did he? I don’t think he had attack on his mind.

D: Why would he attack me? I didn’t fall for his trap. Anyway, I glared at him pretty hard, so he decided not to give chase. Good call, snake.

A: Haha. Well. Well done, then, Hadley. Thank you for saving my life from a harmless snake.

D: No problem. Anytime, really.

One lonely comment

Perhaps Dennis can speak parseltongue? And the online Harry Potter quiz said he belonged in Ravenclaw, beh.

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