Pestilence, sickness, terrible loss, and work

I’m not gonna sugar coat it. If you are a regular reader of hello unknown, then you’ve been waiting for over a month to read this entry. And it’s basically just a recipe for trapping fruit flies.

Fruit Flies or Time Flies?

Yeah, its been awhile. But, one thing holds true no matter where you are – life can get crazy fast. The last 30 days looked something like this:

  • We take a train to Bratislava, Slovakia to apply for our visas.
  • They accept our application, woo hoo! (Now we wait…)
  • Amy loses her beloved camera on the train, boo!┬áDespite the fact that a camera is just a ‘thing’ and can one day be replaced, this loss was terrible and devastating. Amy loved that camera. She was depressed. We are slowly recovering.
  • I get sick. I get better.
  • Amy gets sick. Amy gets better.
  • I get sick again! I get better again.
  • We search for a new flat.
  • We choose a new flat, and sign a lease. A more permanant home is just a few weeks away.
  • Work pile-driver! We don’t see anything outside our apartment for several days at a time. Just us, our laptops, and mountains of jobs to get done. The occassional coffee shop keeps our sanity in tact. Two all-nighters for Amy, and I tag along.

Fruit Flies, Time marches on

  • And finally, infestation! We’re not sure how exactly, but our tiny flat was invaded by fruit flies.

After Amy used her ninja moves to swat 10 in a 30 minute stretch, I decided to attack with science and found a recipe for this contraption:

Fruit Fly Chambers of Doom

(You can read more about this here.)

Two and a half months into our adventure and one thing is for sure: it’s way too easy to lose a month.


Yay for visa, employment, and ingenuity! Boo for sickness and camera loss… It’s a shame that we can’t stop the bad stuff from happening during the good times – but I guess life can’t always be a vacation. :o(

ew, ew, ew. but your bug-catching method definitely looks eco-friendly! is all that work going to fund a trip back home??

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