GASP! Look. What I just found!

I love love love love love Christmas. The lights, the music, the festivities. Every year my Christmas cravings start kicking in around June or July.

“I miss Christmas.” I say it, text it, whine it to Dennis about once a week beginning smack in the middle of summer.

Well, just now I was looking for a map of the public transit system in Prague, and as I was skimming the page, my eyes dropped on “Christmas 2010.” Click.

Isn’t it beeeeeautiful?!?!?! Oh, my heart’s a-beatin’.


It looks like you are in the right place, my Christmas elf. Save your moolah for all the fun!

I can only imagine how BEAUTIFUL the Christmas season is in Europe. All that amazing architecture! Oooo, I get goosebumps just thinking of it… ‘Course, that could just be the popsicle I’m eating…

Sounds like it will be a “Czech festive magic” Christmas!

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