Cabin Fever

Every year for our anniversary one of us plans how we’ll celebrate. Not that it’s a competition, but Dennis always wins. He’s pretty much a spousal super hero at gifts, surprises, and trips. So not only did I have that hanging over my head for my turn this year, it was also 38 days before our big move, and we were kinda busy. I was coming up blank. So I asked if I could plan a belated anniversary day in Europe. That was bound to propel me forward in the Best Anniversary competition.

So I booked bus tickets to the magical town of Český Krumlov, a medieval fairytale land built around the country’s second-largest castle. Points! Surely I would finally catch up.

Sure enough, it was a lovely day of walking, eating, joking, eating, people-watching, eating, touring the castle, and eating.

After eight hours, we headed back to the bus station, making sure to get there 30 minutes early. Didn’t want to miss that 3 1/2 hour bus ride back to Prague. Ahem. Some good our promptness did us.

Not ones to miss the opportunity to create fun out of mishaps, here is a photo diary:

Fun on the Train

Finding the station: Just follow the choo choo signs
Ticket: purchased. Only about $15!
Perfect timing… it was just waiting for us.
Is this the right car?
Here she comes
High five, we did it!
Dennis’ jig
Amy’s jig
Who, me?
“One, two, three, four…”
“Please keep hands and feet inside at all times.”
He’s not dead, he’s just resting
A cabin to ourselves


Why would you want to ride the stinky, slow bus anyhow? The train is SO much better!

“Looking like a moron, shooting a video…” I lol-ed. Quite the adventure! Trains are FAR superior to busses anyway. :o)

Party on a train the onlyyyyyyy way to go. Thanks for letting us hop on board with y’all even if it was an anniversary. Love it!

I can’t wait to come visit =) I’ll probably start every comment with that….
trains are way better than the bus any day! you meant to do that. and now on your 50th anniversary that’ll probably be what you remember most!

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