A castle here, a castle there

As a child, I wanted to be a princess so badly. I know… every little girl wants to be a princess. But I mean I reeeeeally wanted to be a princess. I ached for it. In my mind, being a princess meant days filled with skipping around, singing songs, and playing dress up.

Okay, that’s pretty much what I did as a kid anyway. But still. I never had the tiara and servants to go with it.

In the Czech Republic, you can drive about half an hour in any direction and hit a castle. And though I wasn’t lucky enough grow up in a castle, I am lucky enough that when I jokingly invite ourselves on a road trip with new friends (who own a car), they say yes!

Honza driving. See him giving me the stink eye? Not everyone likes my camera.

So last weekend, Tasci, Honza, Dennis, and I set out to Křivoklát Castle, about half an hour west of Prague. I considered it a right of passage that I learned to pronounce Křivoklát. The “kři” kind of rhymes with “hershey,” only where you say “huh,” obviously say “kuh,” and where you say “ur,” make it a rolled r. So it’s a k, rolled r, and shuh sound all mushed together. Krshe-voklat. Got that?

Of course, this being a 900 year-old castle, we also had to fight our way past a dragon.

Wait for the village archer to eat a tomato out of his lap before his demonstration.

And hit all four gift shops.

(I think the bees want their candles back.)

Then we went on a tour. A few snapshots:

Tour guide, Michal. He was so excited to have his picture taken. He didn’t try to hide in his chin at all.

Me: Those are some big keys. Michal: Big castle, big keys.

Ooh! Handsome man at a castle! My childhood dream, come true.

How do you like dat knocker?

My favorite room of the tour, because of …

…these. Rumor has it these are by children from the 1800’s, when this room was used as a schoolhouse. When my mini-me’s hit the walls with crayons while I’m not looking, I hope they come up with something like this. In fact, I might just break out my Sienna crayola right now.

Fancy gate. That’s all.

Everyone but me inside a prison cell with only one tiny window. Prank time?

My Daddy don’t call me “Princess” for nuthin’. Okay, that’s exactly why. But don’t I look right at home?

And to end the day, lunch was something off this menu. I think the lunch specials were meat, meat, and more meat, with sides of potato dumplings and spinach mush.

Thanks, Honza and Tasci!


Looks like that chicken’s been making up for his molting by hitting the thigh-master. Or maybe it’s a spiny dragon in sweatpants?

Amy, that photo of the castle keys hanging from the door is lovely.

NIce camera, nice pictures.:)

Amy  •   • 

I see you are putting your new camera to EXCELLENT use!

I looked and looked, saw no monsters in the photos on castle day–daylight must have helped Prince Charming slay it (reckon it was a big orange dragon ?)

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