Dennis says I’m going to catch something

Look at the stuff I found on the street!

I grabbed this plaid wool scarf at a tram stop while it was raining. At first I walked past it, then nonchalantly doubled back, and tried to look casual swiping it. I did feel kind of bad not leaving it for someone who really needed it. But won’t it look hip on Dennis?

And I can’t believe someone left this classy polyester number on a trash can! I don’t think I even doubled back for it. It was just a walk-by snatching.

Cool fabric is hard to find around here, and I thought some of the patterns had potential.

These are my tiny glass treasures. Empty liqueur bottles.

Aren’t they cute??

You’ll take back your nose-wrinkling when you see what I do with all these street finds on Hey Now, Whoa Now! I have big plans. Brilliant plans. Well, except for the orange polyester. That may end up back on a trash can.

Anyway, this isn’t just any trash I’ve picked up. It’s Czech trash. Do you have any Czech trash?

{Update: Here’s what I did with the scarf.}


Well, I’ve heard of Dumpster Diving, but not of CT! Good stash of trash, and fun, too!
Love, love, HayHay

Hi, Amy –

I’m a stitching/scrapbooking/card-making friend of Jana’s and she signed me up to your list at our girlfriends’ dinner last night! I enjoyed this post and look forward to the next one! I’ll check out your other site as well – you are very creative!

Great finds! You are so right Czech trash is way more fun than plain old American trash ;) I’ll have to show you the old books I got from the Czech dumpster next time you come over.

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