Czech Christmas traditions through the eyes of Chuck Norris

I’m not going to make a Chuck Norris joke (I’ll let you do that in the comments). But I have to post this for our Dads. From the Prague Post:

The 70-year-old former action movie star has become an Internet and television sensation in a series of advertisements for T-Mobile’s Czech Republic Christmas campaign, which often features the martial-arts guru standing mutely and awkwardly in the home of a Czech family at Christmas.

These are awesome.

(Reading this in an email? Click here to see the embedded videos)

I think you’ll agree the only way these could be better is if each ended with a spin kick… Read the full article from the Prague Post.


Oh man! Those are awesome. Especially the last one. They made so many…..

What’s next? “Jakub the Carp” doing T-Mobile commercials in the U.S.?

(I had to Google for a Czech Republic “personality.” Jakub the Carp is what I got.)

I think it’s a great idea! In fact, we’ll watch for Jakub the Carp and see if we can catch him, so we can sell him to US T-Mobile for big bucks.

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