The Tiny Flat That Was: A Video Tour

It was really pretty impressive. A bedroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen, all in one.

We wanted to remember our tiny landing pad from our first three months in Prague, so we documented it with this video tour.

(You can also see a fairly extensive tour of our tiny efficiency kitchen here.)


OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys need your own show. That was incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How long did it take you guys to film/edit that??? I must know.

Clark and I are singing your praises and hope to see some footage of the new place soon.

Thanks, Nat! The shoot took 2-3 hours, and the edit maybe 2. It was actually really easy! Sometimes the funnest stuff is.:) We have the meat of the tour of our new place shot, so it’ll be next!

‘cept it made me wonder where the tree is going? and made me miss you more!

OMG! Loved this video! I think you have created a “staging” technique for the new decade! You could be a real estate’s best friend – and sell any space!

That video was well worth the wait! Can’t wait to see your new place =)

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