Photo Journal: Flying over the Czech Republic, Take 1

Yup, now that you’ve heard the adventure, it’s time for me to share my vacation slides. Here it is – my great journey told through photos.

Unfortunately the first time we tried to get in the air, the weather wasn’t cooperating. So, we spent the first day grounded looking at planes and generally goofing off.

The haze
Beautiful, moody, Czech weather. But maybe not the best for visibility.
"It is flying" (my translation)

Coffee break
Nothing to do but get coffee and read up on flight patterns.
We head to the hanger to see what we'll be flying
Looks simple enough...

Look to the skies.
Looking for a clearing on the horizon - ain't happening
Amy's ready for take-off.
She's losing it...
She's lost it.

Unfortunately, the weather never did clear up. So, we went for some lunch, heard stories from our new pilot friend, and made the best of it.

Meh, maybe next time.

Well that was anticlimactic, wasn’t it? Tomorrow I’ll post the good stuff.

One lonely comment

Well, this is good enough stuff for me – long as I get to see pictures of you guys!

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