Photo Journal: Flying over the Czech Republic, Take 2

Yes, one more day of flight. What is this blog coming to?

A few weeks after our first attempt failed due to foul weather, we made our way back to the airfield for a second try at flying. This time, nothing would stand in our way.

Not even our pilot’s dog (who has more flight hours than me).

Pre-flight checks

First, a brief overview of the plane and a few checks to make sure the wings aren’t falling off. Special thanks to Honza for showing me that the wings were indeed still attached. Oh and also for making all this happen. He’s a friend and a pilot himself, and he connected us with his own teacher for the lesson, drove us to the airfield, and taught me everything I know about checking if the wings are falling off the plane. Turns out to be very important for most flights.

As you can see, Honza has a great love for Amy and her camera.

Ready for take-off

Wings? Check. Time to get acquainted with the controls and fly.

After-flight elation/relief

Amy’s turn

Our pilot, Pavel, was nice enough to take Amy up for a quick tour of the area as well.

She was mildly excited

I was too busy playing fighter ace to get any in-flight pictures, but thankfully Amy had her wits about her and grabbed some good shots.


You know, just one of the neighborhood castles.

Celebrate success

Having done it, we all headed to the pub to raise a glass to pilots everywhere.

Ok, as awesome as this whole experience was, I promise more stuff happened in the last three months than this one flying trip. So, more unrelated-to-flight updates soon. I swear.


The aerial views are fantastic! And I’m glad Honza has extensive knowledge of plane wings.

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