The Conniving Husband

I turned 30 two weeks ago, and to mark the occasion my husband unveiled his most conniving, manipulative plan yet.

He’s making me run. For my birthday present. As in, I don’t get my birthday present unless I run. Sort of.

See, this is what Dennis gave me for my 30th birthday:

Two airline tickets for a Mystery Trip for six days to a mystery location for what I assume is a mystery adventure. Because I’ve been assured I will get the most out of this Mystery Trip if I follow “The Plan.” “The Plan” is basically to get in the best shape of my life in the next two months by eating right, working out, and… running. Regularly. In a park near our flat with monstrously steep hills. And the only thing I hate more than running, up hills, is that feeling that your hair is tickling your cheek and it turns out to actually be a spider on your face. (That happened this morning.)

If I follow The Plan, I get clues every week between now and the Mystery Trip. I won’t tell you the clues I’ve gotten so far, because I can’t go and having you guessing my Mystery Trip before me, but here are my guesses so far:

Dennis is going to make me swim the English Channel.

Dennis is going to make me hike Mount Kilimanjaro.

Dennis is going to make me ride a camel across the Sahara.

Dennis is going to get a punch in the face, because I don’t really like exercising, or, frankly, strenuous activity.

But I do like finally working toward a long-neglected goal of getting in shape. And I do like surprises. And I’m finding I do like being tricked into being motivated.

It’s pure brilliance really. And I’m loving it. Will keep you posted.


I don’t think it will be riding a camel…cuz well the camel will do all the work. WHat a fantastic birthday present!!!!

Wow! I am SUPER excited. I don’t like surprises (they make my tummy nervous) but I’m going to enjoy guessing and waiting to see what surprise happens to YOU. :)

My best tip as a recently-started-running person: good shoes! It’s 1000% worth dropping the dough for supportive shoes so you don’t get injured. Nothing worse than training for something and getting sidelined by an injury right before the event. (See as example: my 2010 Bolder Boulder race…)

This had better be a REALLY GREAT trip after all that blood, sweat, tears and spiders! (I’m sure his gift won’t disappoint you!)

And I agree with Alissa, get good shoes!

Hi, Favorite Granddaughter!! Sooo good to hear from you (may I say FINALLY?) Even PawPaw mentioned that we hadn’t heard from you for a long time. Didn’t forget that you are now older; will make it up to you when you are back. We do miss you, glad your Mom was there. Love, Love, HayHay

The suspense!!! It would kill me. But it sounds like it’s going to be good :)

Supportive sports top a must! And good shoes… I like ones with a wide toe box for toe splay and a snug arch and heel.

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