Back in Business

You may remember this photo. It’s the first picture I snapped with my baby: the Canon Rebel T2i that Dennis surprised me with for my birthday last year.

You may also remember this, the photo I didn’t get because I left my camera on a train on The Saddest Day of My Life.

And this is a new photo. This is the inaugural photo with my NEW Canon Rebel T2i! I’m back in business! I used all of my Christmas money and some of Dennis’.:)

I would like to say my new camera has erased the sting of losing my first, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever stop kicking myself for that. But I am so grateful I could even get a second, and have definitely been having fun with it! Here are some photos I took with a photography group where we practiced night time shots around the castle.

Now I’m hoping to take a photography class with a great photographer we met. Wonder how much Christmas money Dennis has left…..


Oh, the night time shots turned out so great! Congrats again on the new camera! :)

YAAAAAAAAAY! And happy belated birthday, Dennis :)

Yipeeee! You are back in biz-ness with a super good camera! Love the night-time shots. Question: how does Prague stay so litter free? Do Czechs actually not litter or are there people who walk around all the time picking it up (like at DisneyWorld)?

Good question… never thought about that. But you guessed right! Prague is just like Disney World. The street sweepers even wear funny orange and green coveralls.

Amy  •   • 

Hooray! So happy for you. And those photos look beautiful! You have a great eye. :)

Love the diagonal shot! You always see things through your viewfinder in a way that makes me rediscover what an exciting adventure the world truly is!

Shucks. Thanks, Tim!

Amy  •   • 

Awwwwww, now THESE make me want to go back to my second home! Great photos of the castle and of you guys! :) Wow, those pics really made me realize I miss Praha :((( So happy that you got a new camera and so excited you get to take all kinds of fun photos again! Enjoy your photography group, how neat! xoxo-K

Didn’t mean to induce homesickness.:( Come back!:)

Amy  •   • 

Congrats! Great pics too! Funny- your tongue has a little crease in it in both pictures :)

Haha… ah, geez. How did I never notice how gross those photos are? You’d think I’d have learned my lesson when I was about nine, yapping away at a baseball game so much that a moth landed on my tongue. Oh well.

Amy  •   • 

YEAH!!! Glad you’re 100% creative self is back!

Congrats Amy! enjoy the photography group, they are very lucky, I am sure you will add the right sense of humor and more creativity! x x

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