Flower Stands

One of my favorite things about Prague: sidewalk flower stands.


Couldn’t resist. Brought my favorite home.


yep, also one of my favorite things about Prague

so…do you know what kind of flower you bought???

Um, yeees, Mummy, I know those are poppies. I just don’t know what anything else was. ;)

Amy  •   • 

They may be poppies. They don’t lool like the ones grown around here

Gorgeous! But are you sure they’re poppies and not ranunculus?

Yes, I think you’re the winner, Alissa. Great. Now I don’t know if poppies or ranunculus are my fav!

Amy  •   • 

Well, they’re BOTH quite pretty. Who says you have to choose? :)

Alissa  •   • 

Hello! I live in Prague and I have to say that your pictures of flowers are the best ever!

This is a funny conversation because I told D my fave flowers are ranunculus… however,at small group you mentioned they were poppies, so I changed my favorite flower to poppies..Now I am back to ranunculus! haha

Hi – this is beautiful! Where in Prague are the flower stands located? I’ve been there several times and haven’t seen them… am now on the hunt for fresh flowers for a wedding in August. Any information you have on location would be fabulous – thanks!

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