Special Edition No. 2: Home

In case you missed it over the weekend, Amy and I released a new special edition issue of Hello Unknown.

Our two year adventure in Prague is coming to an end and we’re about to move back to Austin, TX. It seems only fitting to publish our latest thoughts on “home” here.

In this issue, we explore the topic of home through various mediums: words, pictures, video, and sound. I share my thoughts on moving home, we capture the feeling of our beautiful Prague flat in a video tour, Amy and her family tell their experience of the strangest place we ever lived, and we see how one of our friends made her new apartment feel more like home when she moved abroad.

We hope you enjoy this last installment of Hello Unknown from Prague! Read Issue No. 2: Home.

One lonely comment

Hey there! We read and looked at your videos last night together. We are excited that you are back in Austin and hope to see you both some time soon! We know that it is probably a difficult adjustment, but hope that you are back in the “Texas swing” in no time!

Much love and best wishes,
Joni & Kevin

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